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((Happy birthday!~ Hope you have a great one! <3 ))

I lied about the whole not reblogging until I finish my Tumblr, everyone.

I saw this on my birthday and only just now got to reblogging it, because of how busy I have been. Work, cleaning, having visitors, ect, has really kept me from doing /anything/ on Tumblr, sadly. But, I can’t /not/ reblog this. It was just one of the best things I got on my birthday. To randomly check my Tumblr and see this just made me beam so brightly. I freaking loved it.

I freakin’ love Baby!Natural, and I can’t wait to work up the courage to post some of my art for her. Everyone who loves Supernatural, go follow her, nowwwww. Asfasdfas. I cannot spaz enough over how happy I am to see this.

This blog makes me smile every day without fail.

So, thank you so, so, so, so, so much for this fill. It made me smile and squeal and flail and fan-girl like an idiot. Gabriel is one of my favourites on this blog — and the response was such a surprise to see. Thank you!