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#the face of a man realising he’s inside his brother (x)


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spn rewatch: 1x13 » route 666



supernatural au where everything is the same except every time dean says ‘buddy’ to cas he says ‘baby’ instead


I started rewatching Supernatural yesterday.

Initially, it just started as my Mom watching it with me because I’ve been trying to get her to watch it for a while, but, my dad came in the room right as we started the first episode. And he laid on the bed and actually paid attention to the entire episode, and by the end of it he liked it almost as much as my Mom did, lol. This is momentous, as he has the attention span of a child.

So, we watched two episodes last night, and we’ll probably get another two in to-night! I got intense Sammy feels again and immediately fetched my Samulet from upstairs in my necklace holder and have just kept wearing it since and petting it and being like: “uwaah sammmyyyyy”

But, I didn’t realize how messed up my Dean-muse had gotten until then, ahhh. Oh, well. I’m excited to rewatch SPN, tho.


remember when castiel was asked to choose between all of heaven and dean

and he chose dean

t wice

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Actual Supernatural scene,

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What if in the very last episode of supernatural, dean is laying there dying and the ghost of Mary comes and sings hey Jude to him as his eyes slowly shut

first of all how dare you

second of all how dare you

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still not over it 

never gonna be over it

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Last artwork of the year! I fell in love with this photo set by Grimmhardt and used the top image as a reference picture for this portrait of Dean.

Watercolor, inks, Prismacolor pencils, Liquitex (acrylic painting) for the white highlights. 13,5 x 20 cm sketchbook, watercolor paper.